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We’ve created an educational challenge for Spanish schools, sponsored by the Rotary Club and the End Plastic Soup Foundation.

Underwater Cleanup - MiMoana Education Programs

Underwater Cleanup

Underwater cleanup is a key part of MiMoana Education Programs. It involves divers removing debris from the ocean, lakes, and rivers to protect marine life and habitats. Additionally, divers use specialized equipment to safely collect trash, ensuring minimal disturbance to the environment. Furthermore, this process educates participants on the importance of ocean conservation.

This effort helps maintain the health of aquatic ecosystems and promotes a cleaner, healthier planet. Therefore, join us in making a difference below the surface.

Beach Cleanup - MiMoana Education Programs

Beach Cleanups in MiMoana Education Programs

Beach cleanups are another important aspect of MiMoana Education Programs. These events involve volunteers gathering to remove litter and debris from shorelines, helping to protect coastal ecosystems and marine life.

Participants work together to collect and properly dispose of trash, promoting cleaner beaches and oceans. Consequently, join us in keeping our coastlines beautiful and free from pollution. Additionally, beach cleanups raise awareness about the impact of litter on marine life.

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Image of a sorting table used for educational activities during beach cleanups by MiMoana.

Sorting Tables in MiMoana Education Programs

A sorting table is a tool used during beach cleanups to organize and categorize collected debris. Volunteers place the collected trash on the table, where it is sorted into different categories such as plastic, glass, metal, and organic waste. Moreover, this categorization aids in better waste management practices.

This process helps identify the types and quantities of litter found on the beach, enabling better waste management and recycling efforts. Sorting tables play a vital role in promoting environmental awareness and encouraging responsible waste disposal practices. Thus, they are a critical component of MiMoana Education Programs.

Divers in Action - MiMoana Education Programs

Divers in Action in MiMoana Education Programs

Discover the inspiring work of divers actively engaged in underwater activities like exploration, conservation, and cleanup efforts. These dedicated individuals are an integral part of MiMoana Education Programs.

Moreover, these divers play a vital role in protecting marine ecosystems and promoting ocean conservation. Join us in celebrating their commitment to preserving our underwater world. Furthermore, their efforts are crucial in maintaining the balance of marine life.

To learn more about ocean conservation, visit Ocean Conservancy and Sea Shepherd.