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Your donation to MiMoana can help remove over 300kg of trash from our beaches and oceans in just two hours! Support MiMoana in our mission to protect marine life and preserve our beautiful coastlines.

Ocean Guardian

39 Monthly
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Sea Steward

23 Monthly
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Beach Buddy

4 Monthly
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MiMoana educational programs

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Help Us Today

Donate to MiMoana and help us prove that change is possible! At MiMoana, we are an independent foundation dedicated to making a difference through beach and underwater clean-ups. Moreover, we collaborate with government representatives to extend our efforts to educating children and conducting campaigns that engage the government, industry, and small businesses in a friendly yet impactful way. Additionally, we strive to create long-lasting changes in our community.

Support Our Cause by Donating to MiMoana

Our approach has yielded significant success, and we are proud of our achievements since our inception. For just 4.00€ per month, you can become a donor and support our cause. Of course, any additional contribution is greatly appreciated. By choosing to donate to MiMoana, you directly contribute to our mission. Furthermore, your support ensures we can continue our vital work. Additionally, your contributions help us expand our reach and impact. Moreover, you help us sustain our ongoing efforts.

Why You Should Donate to MiMoana

As a non-profit organization, we do not receive any financial assistance from the government. Therefore, every euro we receive goes directly into our initiatives—purchasing gloves, cleanup bags, and replacing equipment used during our beach events. Additionally, we are registered with Benevity Causes, enabling your employer to donate through Benevity. Moreover, your support helps us expand our reach and impact. In addition, your donations enable us to educate more people about the importance of ocean conservation. Consequently, your generosity has a far-reaching impact.

Beach Event Donations

How Your Donations to MiMoana Are Used

In 2023, 100% of our operating expenses were dedicated to our educational programs, beach cleanup materials, and marketing. No one at MiMoana has ever received a wage, ensuring that all funds are used for our mission. Thus, when you donate to MiMoana, you know your contribution is making a real impact. In addition, your donations help us develop new projects and initiatives. Consequently, every donation makes a significant difference. Furthermore, your generosity enables us to continue our essential work. Moreover, your support allows us to innovate and improve our methods.

Thank You for Your Support to MiMoana

Thank you for your support! With your help, we can continue to make strides in our mission to protect the oceans. Therefore, we are incredibly grateful for your contributions. Moreover, your assistance is vital to our continued success. Consequently, we deeply appreciate every donation, no matter the size. Additionally, we value the trust you place in us.

Get Involved with MiMoana

To learn more about our mission and initiatives, visit our About Us page. Additionally, you can check out our Upcoming Events and Volunteering opportunities to see how you can participate in our conservation efforts. By getting involved with MiMoana, you help us make a bigger impact. Moreover, your participation in our events helps raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation. Therefore, we encourage you to join us in our mission. Furthermore, spreading the word about our cause helps us reach more people.

External Resources to Support MiMoana

For additional information on ocean conservation, you might find these resources helpful:

These organizations provide valuable insights and ways to contribute. Furthermore, learning from these resources can enhance your understanding of ocean conservation. Therefore, we encourage you to explore these resources. Additionally, staying informed about these issues can inspire you to take further action. Moreover, these resources can offer new perspectives on conservation strategies.