Welcome to Mi Moana

We are a non-profit, ocean loving organisation founded in Mijas-Costa, registered at the Junta de Andalusia.

Our mission is to inspire others to take action for plastic free beaches, oceans and rivers.

Every month we host clean up events along the Costa del Sol coast line in order to combat the worldwide pollution and raise local awareness.

Main factors


Our first main goal is to create awareness by providing education to our fellow citizens. We achieve this by creating educational programs for schools and give talks on television, radio and at our clean up events about the critical situation the environment is in.


Mi Moana’s second main goal is conservation, which implies the protection and preservation of ecosystems in oceans and seas. With this goal we try to limit human-caused damage and restore what has been damaged. Given that 71% of our planet is covered by water, the state of our waterways is now one of our most pressing issues. We do this by using fewer plastic products, taking care of our beaches and trying to influence change in our community.


Oceans full of plastics, reefs degraded by pollution, warming oceans causing coral bleaching, and ever more threats. Mi Moana’s third goal is to regenerate our dying ocean's ecosystems. Luckily, the ocean has an incredible ability to regenerate itself. We can safeguard the process by protecting ecosystems and helping to rebuild marine species abundance. A key part of the solution are protected areas, which is one of our many current projects together with the dive centre Diving with Nic.

Online shop review:

The pictures don't do justice to the beauty of these products. The rich blues, the great quality and the knowledge that they were once plastic rubbish all for a pocket money price makes these pieces fantastic value.
Wear them and see how many people notice and ask where you got them.
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Very dedicated and professional team! Hard working and showing their love to the nature in all their events. Very good role-models and THANK YOU so much for get going!

Mari Olli

Collaborators and Sponsors



Since March 2019, we have collected so far 6.250 kilograms of rubbish with a total of 1.197 volunteers who have dedicated their time and effort. Thank you!

We are registered at the Junta de Andalusia number: 13585 with CIF number: G93693927 and in the region Mijas.